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What is TRX Pilates?


The TRX Suspension Trainer is a set of straps and handles that I use in my classes for toning and strengthening the entire body, starting from the core.

TRX Pilates incorporates elements of balance, flexibility, strength and conditioning, which keeps our heart rate elevated and helps us burn fat while having fun.

With a 'Pilates meets Strength & Conditioning' style, these workouts are CORE focused, fun,

and for all levels of fitness.

TRX is a safe and effective workout used by men and women of all fitness levels and ages.

Celebrities like J-Lo and

Lady Gaga use TRX to stay in shape!

In 2020, I lost most of my strength during my pregnancy and gained 70 lbs. With a new baby and Covid lockdowns, my home TRX System was the only device I trusted using and it helped me get back in shape safely.

This class helps you learn the language, and the limits of the body, so that we can strengthen and improve our flexibility our mental well-being and our lives.

This TRX Fitness Class is a reminder that you are capable.

We will be doing :


⭐️A full body flexibility routine & warm up

⭐️Strengthening and toning of the entire body, the back and postural muscles, the chest and shoulders, the glutes, thighs and legs, the core and abdominals while keeping flexible and safe throughout

⭐️A finish with a full body fascial stretch and deep breathing

TRX allows for modifications from newbie / beginner to more advanced and can be geared for every level of health and fitness.


The class music will very in genres and styles for inspiration, personal power, energy, sensuality and peace. Expect everything from hip hop to classical. I am always open to song requests. 

Our studio TRX straps and mounts are of the highest quality and are rated up to 750lbs. We had them installed by our licensed contractor and carpenter with monthly safety checks.

Space is limited, register today!


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