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The Studio

Join us in our clean, eco friendly, and well ventilated - air conditioned space.


Our studio is located at 370 B, Burnham Street. Peterborough, created by three entrepreneurs who specialize in the art of Dance, Yoga, Fitness, and Movement.

We are keeping our classes small, clean, eco/friendly and safe for the community. 


Our mission is to create a community where we support, learn and grow together in mind and body. Our classes address individual needs in an inclusive environment taught by our experienced instructors. Classes are mindfully paced and provide tailored teaching instruction and guidance to avoid injury and encourage a return to self through empowerment and  movement.


After 15 years in the fitness industry, it was time to take the concept of 'fitness' to another level, where the body, mind and the spirit can play together during exercise. My Specialty is TRX Pilates, as it can change the body on multiple levels, safely and efficiently. If exercise is fun and feminine, it no longer feels like a chore and it has the capacity to improve our lives,
our health and becomes a self care routine

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Meet my partner in crime, Vicky!

She is inspiring and an incredible pole dance instructor. If you are curious about trying a pole class, head on over to Pole Dancing PTBO