Mother and Baby


Mom & Tots fitness class!

Our bodies take a hit after we have children. Our backs and core need attention to prevent pain and increase our energy.

I know first hand that working out with our babies is
challenging, so my solution is, 
lets do it together!

I have
designed a special 60 minute TRX class to carefully assist Momma's back to optimal fitness while including their little ones.

distractions happen, diapers need to be changed, however, we are in this journey together

Our studio provides a
safe and inclusive space for exercise and socialization of Mother's and babies/toddlers. 

We ask that momma's monitor and take full responsibly for their children during the workout. You are welcome to take breaks at any point in order to tend to the needs of your child.

Ages 6 - 36 months welcome!

I will provide a few safe and easy to clean toys, so please only bring the necessities such as a diaper bag, baby carrier,
a bottle etc

Please leave strollers at home.


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